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I have a somewhat complicated relationship with Q-tips as strangely as that sounds. If I was ever stranded on an island I would like to have an unlimited supply of Q-tips available, a good tweezer and some sharp scissors. I use Q-tips just like every other person that uses them does, ears - mine and Chhaya's. I also clean my nose with them. Have you ever tried cleaning your nose with Q-tips? Works great! Anyhow, so the complicated relationship is that every time I get a new box of Q-tips and open it up I think that something significant will happen in my life when that box comes to an end, some sort of event. I got this box the other day, 625 Q-Tips in long will this box last and what will be going on in my life then?
My last box ended a few weeks before I left Vegas, I refused to get another box until I got back to Alaska. I just couldn't do it, so I managed to live without Q-tips for a few weeks, how I'm not sure. I wonder if there is somebody else out there that feels the way I do about Q-tips? That a box of Q-tips holds a meaning to it. Sounds completely kooky.....I know.


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Mr.B on :

Not Kooky - but a sort of fateful and interesting observation. I always seem to run out of Q-tips at the same time I run out of Pepper.
Looks like you use the biodegradable ones - good. They now sell Q-tips with plastic rods instead of cardboard. I do not know how anyone could ever think a non-biodegradable Q-tip is an improvement. I like how real Q-tips never ever have to change!
I like to throw them in the fire when out camping - There is energy in ear wax and it leaves no permanent trace of me.

Tatiana on :

There is energy in ear wax? Really? I like that! I envision the camp fire getting slightly larger and making an extra crackling sound when a Q-tip coated with ear wax gets thrown into it.
I'm telling you, a box of Q-tips hold a certain meaning to it, for you it's pepper......for me it's a life event. Even running out of pepper is an event in itself.

Dee on :

Hi, just wanted to let you know I just saw your interview about the ND oil boom. It aired on the Prairie Public television channel. It was so hear you speak.


ps. You presented yourself great and very professional and intelligent.

Tatiana on :

Ohhhhh you saw it! Cool! They interviewed me for a good 45 minutes or so but in the end they used very little of it.
The focus was on police, small business owners and land owners and the change they had seen the boom bring to the communities around the Bakken.
Thank you for the kind words of the way you perceived me.....!

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