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Captured In Pictures

Here is my life the last week or so captured in pictures.....what did people do before cameras were around? I love pictures. I collect them. Some in albums but since the arrival of my laptop and my smartphone I have to say that collecting photos in albums has not been a priority like it used to be.
This was taken at the Farmers Market at Tivoli Village last Saturday. I love the colors here. Look, I take "artsy" pictures! That MUST mean I am a photographer! ;-)

I like Buddha art stuff.

Me and the princess at Red Rock last time we were there.

It was a full moon. SEKSI selfie time!

I had a two hour massage the other night. It was WONDERFUL, I love Cathy.....the lady that massages me. She seems very happy to see me too, big hug and smile every time. I'm already looking forward to my next visit. My feet, calves and shoulders are always in need of some hands on attention.

Feeling happy. Just because.

I made a paper rose (as instructed by the girl working at Paper Source). Look, I made something "crafty"! That MUST mean I am an artist! ;-)


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julia on :

Ver nice !! In my country the paper rose is award for most talent woman who is artist. The men's brain is always much more bigger than brain of woman, but it's still ver good to make the rose from a paper found in Bilo's cage............

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