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Urban Turban

Las Vegas has so many great restaurants to choose from. I am a huge foodie, I love food and I love trying new places. Since I arrived in Vegas I have not cooked a single meal at home.
It's been lots of take home ready to go meals from Whole Foods since it's located 5 minutes from my house and has lots of stuff that I love, almost daily Sambalatte for breakfast and I have also eaten out a lot. Almost every place has been great, I am not super picky with my food, I love almost everything that I order BUT I have to say that my dining experience at Hash House A Go Go on West Sahara was a disappointment.
The food was served cold, you do not serve people cold potatoes and eggs OK....gross.
Overpriced and NOT tasty. I also ordered a coffee drink that came in a glass way too small for the price and not good whatsoever. I will never go back there again. I regret spending a dollar in there.
I tried Guy Fieri's on the Strip and ordered a Greek salad. It was probably the best Greek salad I've ever had. Thinking back at it makes my mouth water!
I also tried an Indian restaurant called the Urban Turban. Delicious! I LOVE Indian food. So I ordered the vegetarian curry, which you could get as many refills of as you wanted to, I have a huge appetite but could only eat one portion. I also ordered naan (of course) and a mango lassi. Best mango lassi ever! I am definitely going back to the Urban Turban, I liked the ambiance in there too and they have a riksha by the entry. Great for taking pictures with!

And since I am writing about places to eat I have to write about one more place. A while ago I happened to walk by Kerry Simon's place, KGB (Kerry's Gourmet Burgers) at Harrah's the day before it was scheduled to close. I just had to walk in and I ordered some fries. See back in the day me and Shelley kind of knew Kerry. This is when we still lived in California and used to drive to Vegas every so often and work at Crazy Horse Too. Kerry had a small crush on Shelley and instructed us to give him a call when we were in town and were hungry, his treat.
Kerry then was the head chef of Prime at the Bellagio, one of the best restaurants in town.
So Shelley would call and say, "We're hungry" and we would dine at Prime, seated at a great table, served all kinds of chef's specials until we were beyond full and happy. We were very spoiled. I will always remember Kerry's generosity......Kerry is not doing so well (health wise) and therefore KGB is now closed.

Some of the cool paintings at KGB.


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