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Pink Bikini

I got a new bikini.....a pink bikini. Quite basic but it will cover what needs to be covered. I keep on thinking that I should/need to take up swimming like once a week. It's a good exercise for me.

Yesterday afternoon I had an errand by Town Square mall and Julia came with me. We were walking into Whole Foods to get something cold and sparkly to drink when we were approached by a lady asking us if we would want to test ride in and take a survey about a Lincoln car and for the time and trouble we would be each awarded a $25 gift card to Whole Foods. bears poop in the woods? Of course we want gift cards to Whole Foods!
A 21 year old kid from Miami that had never been to Vegas before drove us around for about ten minutes in a brand new Lincoln while we entertained him with crazy stories about drug deals, fat lines of meth & the kokaina, arrests, prostitution and all the other fun stuff life has to offer. We did all this in exaggerated accents. He must had thought we were crazy and at the end of the ride he wanted to hang out later......of course he did. My plan was to go and make money later so I passed on the hanging out later part.
I was very happy with my $25 Whole Foods present, I got me and Chhaya dinner for free.

I got home from work not too long ago. The birds are starting to wake up outside and I need to sleep, I am SO tired. Have to be up by noon to meet a friend for it's bed time now.


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