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Penn & Teller

I saw Penn & Teller a while ago. Their show is GREAT. I don't know HOW they do any of that stuff that I saw, I could not wrap my head around it. I really did enjoy their show. If you do plan to see Penn & Teller make sure you get seats close or somewhat close to the stage.
The arena is big (their show is at the Rio) and a few times I felt like I should had brought binoculars because it was difficult to see what they were doing and you want to see all that magic and not miss out!

Penn & Teller seem like they are really nice too. They are involved in the community with walks for AIDS, blood donations and Opportunity Village. I admire that very much.

After the show they take their time and pose for pictures and sign autographs. Well, I did not have the chance to take pictures with them the evening I saw the show and I regretted that. And I wanted pics with Penn & Teller dammit! So I drove down to the Rio the other night, I estimated the time frame for when I thought the show would be over. And yes, when I arrived Penn & Teller were busy meeting with their audience, so I waited until it was my turn and I took pics with them. I was super excited and look slightly crazy in the you can see. And yes, Teller talks (in case you didn't know, Teller does not utter a single word in the show). And Penn said something to me but what it was I will keep as a secret, because that is what true magicians do.


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