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I had dinner with my babes (Skrink) at Paymon's this evening. We are both in agreement that the best fries in town can be found there. Sooooo tasty. Full of seasoning and served with a dipping sauce that is mouth watering. I could eat there several times a week.

I'm in bed now, I need to take a shower and sleep because I have a full day tomorrow and should get an early start but I don't want to move. I'm too comfortable.
This afternoon I tried some kind of a lime drink at Starbucks. Of course that is an open invitation for a small selfie photo session. This is the result of that. Well, I really should take a shower and sleep.

Ohhhhh......before I forget. I need to tell you about my new opening line at work. It's usually been the regular "Want a dance" or "You NEED". Yes, I am totally a "wanna dance?" person.
I do not mind holding conversations with people but I'm not going to get interviewed and asked a million questions often including questions about what I might be doing when I get off work (I go home ALONE and sleep motherfucker) and bla bla bla......and then not get a dance. Do you want a dance? Great, then we can talk. If not, I have to go. my new line is "You bitches (or just bitch if I'm asking one person) need/want a dance?". Inspired by Jesse Pinkman of course. When I was caught up in Breaking Bad a while ago, bitch was a very commonly used word for me. I think I called Boss Lady bitch several times a night, she loved it (NOT). Jesse was a bad influence on me, so I blame him. The new line works well in case you wonder....... :-D


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Paul on :

LMAO at "I go home alone & sleep motherfucker", I will pay real money to see the guys reaction :-)

I will say every time you ask me with your new line! You are a character ;-)

Tatiana on :

I make myself laugh at work sometimes....

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