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I worked last weekend and last night. Let me tell you a bit about it, some work stuff. I met three nice guys from Norway. Nicely dressed and well behaved. I speak Swedish to people from Norway and they speak Norwegian to me and we understand each other perfectly fine. All they did was sit at the stage. And they wanted me to go up so badly that they found the manager and requested that I'd be put on stage. According to them they were waiting for me only. I rarely give out my blog these days, I just don't care to anymore. But one of the guys from Norway had SO many questions regarding my life, he was certain I had so many stories to tell and yes of course I do but I don't have the time to sit and talk about my life at length when I'm at work, I have to take advantage of the busy nights and make money. So I told him to check the blog if he wants to learn about my stories. Who knows if they will ever read this (HEJ NORGE) but yeah.....I need to work when it's busy.......not sit around and just talk, even if somebody is nice and from my neighbor country, it's nothing personal.
Speaking of Norwegian.....the airline with the same name is going to start flying between Stockholm and Vegas later this year. Direct flights to a low price! That's great news, maybe I can finally convince my Mom that she needs to come to Vegas again. She does not like dealing with layovers and airports in general. But a direct flight is rather easy. Just hop on at Arlanda and hop off at McCarran.
That same night a group of Swedish guys were in too, I think four total. They were younger, all wide eyed and acted like they were doing something really BAD and sinful by being in the club. They all huddled together shoulder to shoulder in one of the booths, holding onto a beer bottle each like it was the last beer they would ever have. Super uptight. I was like.....RELAX! Nobody is going to kill you (more on that later, you never know actually it turns out), or rape you and there is nothing weird going on either since everything is done openly and in public. It's not some kind of a dimly lit brothel where you can buy yourself a child to have sex with, it's a strip club in Vegas - good ole' American fun. I could totally tell that they were young, immature and from some small village in Sweden and I was right, they were from some place I never even heard of before. Don't think that everybody that hails from Sweden is open minded and laid back about strip clubs and partial nudity etc. Many are super uptight and do not understand that it's NOTHING serious and just entertainment. Really now, RELAX a bit. I suspect that the strip clubs that exist in Sweden are nothing like most of the clubs here in the US, there must be some major differences between the activities.
Then I encountered a man from China Saturday night that just loved me, I mean almost worship level admiration. He returned last night (Monday) and I remembered him, because I pay attention. People get surprised all the time when I remember them, their name and what we talked about. It's cause I pay attention. I don't do it all the time but enough. This man from China did not speak any English besides "Thank You" and "You are beautiful". I think he told me those two phrases like 50 times. I get compliments at work every night but rarely this heartfelt. At the very end he asked me if I would give him a dance and he ended up getting two. When it was over he said "Thank You" yet again and almost started crying. It was sweet really. He communicated with me by sign language and a translation app on his phone.
Very polite and very nicely dressed. A stylish Tumi bag and an Armani sports coat. Awwwwww.......what a sweetie!
I also witnessed something REALLY BAD last night. Probably the worst chain of events I have ever seen at work and I have seen some stuff throughout the years. It made me feel upset, sad, scared, concerned, helpless.....all those feelings. I don't want to talk about it yet for various reasons but I will write about it soon. Thinking back at it now makes me have that sinking feeling you get in your stomach when you are worried or stressed. Not a fun experience.
Well, it's getting late and I'm getting tired. Goodnight from me.


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Mumintrollet on :

"acted like they were doing something really BAD and sinful by being in the club. "

Swedes , we're badly fucked by indoctrination.

Jim Walters on :

Yes you are awesome in more ways than you realize.

Tatiana on :

Really?! How nice of you to say that......
Hope you are well and see you soon for latte!

Julia on :



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