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Somewhere Outside Of Las Vegas

Today I met up with Barry for a photo shoot. He has been telling me about a place he has spotted when flying over Vegas, some sort of an old abandoned mine, a place that looks like a giant wheel of fortune. I could not really picture it but it sounded really cool and when we actually arrived at the location I was blown away. I have seen some abandoned mines while traveling through Nevada before but never seen anything quite like this before. WOW. Yes, a giant wheel of (MIS) fortune in the middle of nowhere. Somebody took their time and painted this......Who? When? I would like to find out the story behind this place. We would need at least two more photo shoots to capture the feeling and character of this place. I feel really fortunate that I was able to go here. Thank You Barry! Can we go again pleeeeeease?
This gem is just sitting there.....somewhere outside of Las Vegas.

The Wheel of Misfortune was far from the only cool spot. There were several other mines (areas?) there looking like this....covered in graffiti. Oh the parties somebody could throw here.....perfect for some good beats and dancing while the sun is coming down and stars are coming out. I was envisioning it while walking around taking it all in.

And a small glimpse of my new bathing suit. We did four changes of clothing. I had a few more outfits with me but we didn't have enough time before the sun came down. I think this means we need to go again. :-) Plus it was super windy today and my hair was blowing ALL over the place.....


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