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The current Las Vegas weather - rain. I even heard some faint thunder earlier but we did not get a proper thunder storm but who knows, there might be one later. Thunder and lightning in Vegas is a rare but a wonderful experience, I have enjoyed a few of those.
Tomorrow morning when the sun starts warming up the desert, it will smell delicious outside. I love desert rain.

I entertained myself this afternoon with shopping. I could not get those cute Free People shorts that I spotted last weekend out of my head, I just had to have them. So I stopped by Fashion Show Mall and got a pair. These paired with a peasant top or a small sports bra of some sort would be perfect for a sunny day at Burning Man. And I stopped by Saks and looked at some Stella McCartney purses. Not bad. The small ones looked too formal for my taste, like evening purses only. I want one for everyday use and the larger ones were not too bad. I'm still thinking about it......

Now I am hoping that the rain will become a drizzle so me and Chhaya can go for a walk.


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