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Earth Day

Today was Earth Day, it's late when I'm writing this......close to Midnight. I saw that there was going to be some event for Earth Day at Container Park today, that's on Freemont Street here in Las Vegas. I like Container Park a lot, so I asked Julia yesterday if she would come with me and she said yes. And today she decided to bring a boy that lives next door to her with us.
We were planning on taking him and his brother to the book store (Barnes&Noble) some day but he got to come with us to Container Park. Maybe I will have time for the book store next week, or Julia can take them both without me.
So this was me today during the day......

We took the little bundle of energy to the tree house at Container Park, fun for kids of all ages. I'm a big kid in case you didn't know...... ;-)

We built our own house. That later got demolished.

We found a super cool toy store, Kappa Toys. So many cool toys, I have to go back. I saw a back pack I might need, pink with a unicorn on it. Good for Burning Man, or hiking. I like to think for a bit before I buy stuff.

After I got home I changed clothes and took Chhaya to Red Rock. After all Earth Day is about nature and I love the beauty of Red Rock. It's so serene there, just me and Chhaya together taking it all in. We rarely run into other people. I have to be outside, at least do something outside related besides taking Chhaya to the park, on a regular basis. I don't understand how some people can be content with just being inside. Not for me.

I use the timer and set it for ten seconds when I take pics like these and nobody is around to assist me.

This next pic made me think of Uluru, love the name too! That is a place I would like to visit one day.

No Earth Day can be complete without a heart in the sand. I wrote Earth Day above the heart but it's barely visible. I wish I had brought some incense with me to burn with some thoughts and prayers. I believe in the spirit of nature and think it's awful that we, the human race, are destroying this beautiful planet and exterminating animals. I am myself part of the destruction, yes I am very aware of this......

I filled a bag up with other people's litter. I know I said it many times but littering really bothers me. I don't get how you can go hiking or camping and just leave your trash behind? It's just so.....vulgar and low. Everybody can do something, everybody can do their part. I have to admit that since I have been in Vegas I have been lacking in the recycling department.
In Alaska I am really good at recycling but here in Vegas I wasn't sure how long I was going to stay. So I didn't look into curbside recycling. That's what you do here and I'm not even sure how it works I have to admit. Well, I gave some of my plastic and glass bottles to Julia to recycle (Julia recycles and offered to go and take care of the matter - thank you to Julia) and today I took some to Whole Foods. They have three recycling bins by the exit, I suspect it's for the people that eat there but since I buy most of my stuff that I consume on a daily basis from there I will start taking my plastic and glass back to Whole Foods from now on.....or start curbside recycling. No more excuses!


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edwin MULLER on :

Kids are the most fun to talk to, much more than the old birds. Your upkeep methods are stunning after all these years. I sleep in my van now, with no overhead, and can save all my pensions. Art consumes me. Wish I could show you the Florida Keys were the water is warm and crystal clear. You and puppy dog are the best.

Tatiana on :

I'll be the first to admit that kids annoy me if they are annoying and whiny brats. I do not always enjoy their company. I'm not the kind of person that oooooohs and aaaaaahs over kids just because as a woman "you are supposed to". No.
I enjoy kids is small doses. If I can take them to do something fun or educational that they usually don't get to do (as long as they don't act bad) then I'm happy.
I'm glad you are doing well! Take care and thanks for checking in on me!

Julia on :

Container Park was fun, & it was interesting to observe and participate in the four year old's excitement........ I thought it was cool to see how happy he was playing in the tree house & to create a memory for him that will hopefully make him happy when he thinks about the new adventures he had with Tatiana and Julia. :-)

Tatiana on :

He is a cutie that's for sure.

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