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Tatiana loves animals........

Tatiana is kind of an animal rights person. It is basically proven that animals share feelings with us humans (the brutes that we are) like compassion, love, embarrassment. Ponder that for a minute! Tatiana gets upset when she hears about a pet that has been mistreated or any other animal that's hurting.
Tatiana is mostly vegetarian. She makes exceptions once in a while in regards to her meat consumption, also she is not a vegan - though she has a lot of admiration for vegans. Tatiana does not need an animal to give up it's life to feed Tatiana. They have the right to life just like us. And while they live, they should get treated well, like milk cows for example, they should live in a comfortable environment. Have you ever petted a cow or a calf or a pig? They are so cute!!! Tatiana loves them!
One day Tatiana would like to have a large area where she would build an animal rescue. She would rescue all kinds of animals right now but can't because she wouldn't be able to provide for them properly. There are other ways to help, like volunteering at animal shelters or making donations.
One other important issue that Tatiana would like to point out is the importance of spaying and neutering your pets. Looking back, Tatiana should had adopted a dog, instead she bought Chhaya in Las Vegas. Of course she does not regret this, Chhaya is Tatianas wonderful companion.
But it is so nice to rescue a dog or a cat instead of buying a new pet.
Also Chhaya won't be a Mom, though Tatiana had many proposals to breed Chhaya since she is a very pretty blue nose pitbull, the puppies can sell for up to $ 1000, but there are too many pitbulls that end up in shelters due to neglect. Tatiana would be heartbroken if Chhaya had puppies and even one of them would get mistreated.
So please, think about the animals, think twice before acting. They are so beautiful and they have rights just like you.
Here are some PETA ads.


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