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Tatiana goes camping

Last Tuesday Tatiana decided she had enough of the city and packed up her 4 Runner and went camping together with her dog Chhaya. Sometimes a girl just needs a break!
First, she went to Ash Springs, a place she has been to before which is about 100 miles North of Las Vegas. Ash Springs are some beautiful outdoor hot springs. She spent the night there and the following day she decided to continue going North to explore Caliente, Panaca and Pioche. She went to a national park called Cathedral Gorge and thought that Pioche, an old mining town, was very picturesque. She spent the night in the forest, trying to tune in to some interesting radio stations. The next morning she found a small lake in Panaca which Chhaya really liked and where Tatiana worked on her tan, after that she drove back to Ash Springs for another night under the stars.
The next day she sadly concluded it was time to drive back to reality. As soon as Tatiana entered the 15 freeway she started feeling anxious.
The next time she goes on an adventure Tatiana wants to drive up to northern Nevada by the Idaho border and continue West to Reno and then head back through central Nevada. She can't wait.......


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