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Missed Out

I am disappointed that I missed out on the breaking ground for the IKEA store that is going to open in Vegas next year. There was a ceremony with people digging into the ground with shovels, they had a large Dala Horse, a table with Swedish snacks set up and local Vegas Swedes dressed in blue and yellow. I'm actually REALLY disappointed that I missed out on this event, it would had been so much fun to be there! Finally Las Vegas is getting an IKEA and not too far from my house either, on Durango and 215. IKEA will employ about 300 people and to quote the article, "Not all groundbreakings generate the nationalist pride of a Norse country, but this is Ikea, so the enthusiasm of the press event boiled down to all things Swedish - including the touted "Swedish values", which will extend full benefits to part-time Ikea employees, something Sandoval described as "extraordinary" and representative of "a culture we really want in our state."
So next year you can get meatballs with that yummy brown sauce and best of all, my personal favorite, Princess Cake!
And I don't understand why they refer to Sweden as a "Norse country" - Nordic yes, but Norse? To me that sounds like Norway and although Sweden and Norway are neighbors, IKEA is Swedish make no mistake about that!
Actually years ago.....I emailed IKEA asking were they planning on opening an IKEA in Vegas anytime soon? I was surprised that there was not an IKEA in Vegas yet, where to me it seemed like the perfect place for the store. Of course I had a vision in my head of me managing the Vegas IKEA too of course, therefore I was hoping to get a promising email back. And I did get an email back, thanking me for the interest and saying that no at that time there were no immediate plans for a Vegas location, the next stop for an IKEA was to be Sacramento. What? Why Sacramento? But now it's happening, well next year. Of course they will be missing out on not having me as the best manager and representative for IKEA EVER but whatever.....The "Swedish values" mentioned in the article make my heart feel a bit achy with pride. I do love Sweden. And I think that it is important to preserve and respect values.

My favorite dessert in the whole world, prinsesstårta (princess cake)! Pic from last summer when I was visiting Sweden.

Me by the Abba museum in Stockholm on Djurgården.

Representing Sweden! Well, I just got home sick......ugh.

I took Chhaya to Red Rock yesterday evening, we go about once a week. We both love it. Chhaya can be a real puppy there, explore, sniff around and look for rabbits and I can take in the beauty and serenity of nature which I need, especially if I have to go to work later in a smokey and loud club.


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