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Back in January I was lucky enough to see Britney at Planet Hollywood, not only did I get the ticket for free, I got to be in the pit.....super close to Britney depending on where she was on the stage. I love Britney so that was a wonderful experience. Anyhow, she wore a jacket that had "I love Charlie" written on the back. Since this was just after the Charlie Hebdo massacre I thought Britney was making a political statement and I was a bit surprised too. Well, later on like the next day I realized that the writing on the jacket was a message to/about her boyfriend Charlie. She loves him.
I haven't heard or read any celebrity make strong statements about radical Islam. I'm sure some have but I have not had a TV since the end of December, so no TV for me. I know that Ben Affleck worked himself up last year when he was a guest on Bill Maher, basically defending Islam, being politically correct you know. I never really cared for Ben Affleck, he has always struck me as a dumb, goofy frat boy.

It's been windy here in Vegas the last couple of days. I'm outside enjoying the cool breeze, listening to the birds chirping and writing this. Later I'm going to lay out and tan. I have to vacuum today and I will force myself to go to work. Hopefully I will work through Saturday.
I have a few things on my to do list that I will try to cross off within the next week or so.
Make an appointment for an eye exam so I can get new contact lenses. Contact a host regarding possibly migrate my blog from the current host to a new one. This computer/blog stuff is very confusing to me. I don't speak computer language and I am always worried that I will make some mistake that might wipe out my whole blog. Lucky for me I found my "manager" KISA that lives in Germany and he has been helping me with all of this.
Without KISA I would be lost in the world wide web of blogging. I should to go to my storage unit and attempt to dig into a mountain of stuff to locate my old house fee receipts that I saved from when I was working at Sapphire. See Sapphire (a Vegas strip club) is getting sued, a class action law suit and I contacted the attorney that is handling the case on behalf of the dancers involved. He told me to come by his office, preferably with the house fee receipts.
I want to catch up with a few friends next week. I need to get a haircut (trim). I think about two-three inches and then I will be good through the summer.

I can be such a lazy creature of comfort sometimes. Even making a phone call to get an appointment for an eye exam can seem like the biggest task. I just want to drink lattes, eat pastries, read, write and get massages and pedicures and facials. Oh and be a good Mom to Chhaya.


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