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Great Week

Aaaaaahhhhhh.......I'm sitting at Sambalatte around "normal" people after a weekend at work around the usual Vegas strip club craziness. It's so nice to sit here, slowly drink my latte amongst other quiet people that either work on their laptops, read or engage in quiet and sober conversations. No loud music and yelling......wonderful!
I had a a great week. I went to Red Rock, Gold Strike, finally got a super nice bathing suit that I have been wanting for a while and yesterday I met up with Shelley for lunch.
Shelley is my oldest (as in friendship years) friend in the US. I have many firsts with her. I went to Utopia with her back in the day, first time for both of us. People that used to go to Utopia here in Vegas (a legendary club that closed down a long time ago) still talk about the Utopia days. It was THAT good. Kind of like how people still talk about Studio 54 - the lucky ones that got to experience that era or Danceteria, Paradise Garage or Twilo in New York City.
I soooooo wish I could transport myself back in time because I would go clubbing!
Other first I had with Shelley.....I took my first E with her (at Utopia), we went to our first rave together (Narnia in California) many raves followed after that one. Those were the days when we wore big pants, tennis shoes and a small top of some sort, it was all about being comfortable so you could dance all night long. We tried many different clubs for work together, the first time I went to New York City to work was with Shelley. We lived together in California and then we moved to Vegas together to work here full time. She is now pregnant and very happy. I don't think she will dance (as in strip) anymore so that path is done for her and for us. I guess she can come and visit me when I'm still stripping in my 60's (hey, I work with a lady that is 65 and she makes $$$, so it's possible!) and make it rain on me while I show her my jerky geriatric moves on sore feet and bad achy hips.
Yesterday we went to a new place I found, The Crêpe Bistro at Tivoli Village. We both liked it so I think we are going back next week.

Shelley put together these two pics of us yesterday. It's us on the beach in the late 90's and then at EDC in 2012. She said " Friends Til The End" and yes, that is how I feel too. ❤


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