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I got ready and drove to work only to be told I could not work without showing them a copy of my business license. See in Vegas you need to shell out $200/year for a business license if you are going to be an exotic dancer here. You have to renew it yearly too for $200. My old one just expired (March 31) and I renewed it last week but tonight I forgot to bring in the copy of my new license. I just thought it would be OK since I have it technically.....but no. They need to actually SEE a copy of it and put it on file. Otherwise the club could get in trouble. Oh well. I'll just go back to work tomorrow. Or Friday.

I was kind of happy to return home. See last night I discovered a new ice cream flavor (for me). Limoncello by Häagen-Dazs. So on the way home I had to stop and get some more.
The best. Be warned, all you ice cream lovers out there - it's addicting! I'm very happy at home in bed with my ice cream. Oh and I have the latest Adbusters too. So I'm feeling quite content tonight.


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