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Booze Binge

Last week I went on a booze binge. Seriously. Well, at least for me because I rarely drink.
So Wednesday after I went on my road trip I was craving a beer so I stopped and got one on the way home. Thursday I went out and had a drink at some bar called Vesper inside the Cosmopolitan. Kind of posh and totally my style. I had something called Moscow Mule and it was good. I did enjoy that drink.

Friday I went to eat at Pizza Rock, I need to go there again for the pizza, it was SO good.
I ordered a pomegranate margarita because the rim of the glass supposedly has lavender salt around it and I love lavender because in Sweden we have a candy called Viol that I LOVE. Anyhow, the margarita was kind of yucky so I drank about half and the lavender salt did not taste like Viol. Saturday night I went bowling and had a few sips of beer and a few sips of White Russian. That's a lot of boozing for me!

Today I'm nursing my hangover with a, I don't have a hangover really. So I'm sitting outside sipping on a latte and painting my toes.

I am a fun tipsy person. I can't recall last time I was actually drunk. That was a loooooong time ago. And I don't think it's fun to be drunk. What's the point really? And I don't think it's enjoying to be around drunk people either. Tipsy in a fun way - yes. But when people get obnoxious, angry, aggressive, pushy, have a chip in their shoulder that they all of a sudden want to talk about, engage in scary behavior......all of that and more when they get too much alcohol in them, then I don't want to be there anymore. I don't like that at all. Anyhow.
It's Monday. Not sure what I'm doing this afternoon yet.


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