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Next month it will be two years since I got my Samsung Galaxy 3. I dropped it a few times too many and last year at some point before Burning Man I just dropped it enough so the screen cracked over the camera and I could not take selfies anymore in "selfie mode". DISASTER!
I had to hold the phone reversed to take a selfie and that's what I've been doing and it's annoying cause I don't see what I'm doing and the selfies or whatever I'm trying to capture on picture is not to my liking. I mean, just look at the pic in the previous blog with me and Chhaya in bed, I don't think I really look that awful but whatever......I still take the pics and put them on the blog. Yes.....I'm talking about extremely important stuff here on Easter Sunday like selfies but I don't celebrate Easter, so why not right? And trust world revolves around much more than selfies and pics of myself. I'm not a Kartrashian but I do like pictures. Of myself. And a plethora of other objects. If you would spend a day with me you would soon notice that I take lots of pictures of all kinds of stuff. Even a crack in a wall can look interesting.
My phone is called "the selfie machine" and I've been thinking about getting a new one since my contract is up for renewal and you used to be able to get a new phone every two years when renewing your contract. Not anymore I guess!? At least not with AT&T. Now you have to BUY the phone or make payments until it's payed off. What is up with that shit? I wanted a Samsung 6 when it comes out in a few days but it looks like the price tag on that will be over $500 (although I'm not quite sure about the exact price). And that is a lot for a phone I think, although I do use my phone everyday and often. But still. I can think of a few more things I'd rather spend $500 on.....massages and facials for example. Well, yesterday I carefully peeled of some of the cracked plastic covering the camera eye on my phone (cause it cracked even more after the last time I dropped it) and voilĂ  (!) my selfie machine is back in action! YEAY!
I don't know how long this will last though.....Until I drop it again or some desert dust gets in there, or something like that? I do have a sturdier cover for my selfie machine......a pink cover but it's somewhere in Kenai packed away. And I'm in Vegas.
Anyhow, to celebrate the rebirth of my selfie are the two first pics I took with it. Now we're talking.....this looks more like ME.

And this is what my cracked selfie machine looks like now. Cracked but working again so I'm happy!

HAPPY EASTER everybody!


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