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Update on Daisy....... London decided to quit "Daisy Of Love"........Tatiana is disappointed because London was the best looking guy on the show and now Tatiana can't look at him anymore. And Daisy and London seemed to have a real interest in each other. Hopefully they will bring him back later, or him and Daisy can get together another time. Or he can come up to Anchorage?! Even better!
So now Tatianas new fave boy for Daisy is.........Flex or maybe Sinister? Tatiana is not sure because she had her vote on London!


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Alvin on :

Hey, how you doing? never watched the show haha.

so me and courtney are pretty much over with... :-( blah oh well... I guess she was too much for me anyways haha.... Noorvik is great... I got a couple of really nice pictures of the village...

Have a great week!


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