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Breakfast Club

So last night I went and saw the Breakfast Club on the big screen. It was a special screening since it's the movies 30 year anniversary. Maybe I'll go and see it in some kind of a futuristic movie theater 30 years from now again?
How cool it must be to had been a part of a movie like this for all the actors that were in it......!? I love the Breakfast Club. I remember watching in with my girlfriends in Sweden and squealing over certain parts and just DYING over John Bender (The Criminal). What a SEKSI guy! OMG. When Claire walks into that small room where he had to sit (that he escaped) and that look he gives her, when she puts her earring into his hand and when he kisses her......!!!
I just wanted to be Claire SOOOO badly then!!! Yep, he was one of my many crushes back then. My heart was beating extra fast for him last night. Still love the movie. And John Bender is still super hot.


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