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Enough Is Enough

If you are a pet parent like me, you know how annoying it gets to constantly clean up after that furry brat. I am so tired of mopping the floors and vacuuming after Chhaya, she gets everything dirty and I like my place clean. I am also tired of picking up her nasty poop every single day. GROSS!
So I found these amazing products in a store the other day and started training Chhaya last night. She is going to learn how to clean up after herself, or else! Enough is enough! I'm a nice person but everybody has a limit! She seems to be getting her training kind of well, she was a reluctant to wear that stuff on her feet at first but I yelled at her and locked her in the bathroom (with the lights out of course) and after sitting there in the dark for about an hour thinking about what she did wrong, I let her out and she listened better. If you are a pet parent (Annette for example) you should get this for your pet too!

Don't get me wrong.....I love Chhaya but she needs to start cleaning up after herself!

APRIL'S FOOL!!! Or in Swedish.....April April din dumma sill!
Of course I'm only JOKING! :-D


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Annette on :

Hahaha...I am laughing out loud :-) I wonder if those robot devices really clean the floors?Jax has been rolling in the mud but he has that sweet look on his face like Chhaya...I just clean up his messes. But I do get tired of the hair balls and poop too! No Burning Man :-( adventures thats just CANT be true......

Tatiana on :

Look up "prank pack" on Amazon!

I know.....there might not be any Burning Man for me this year. 40 000 tickets in the individual sale sold out fast and I was not able to get a ticket. It sucks. Boooooooo!!!!!!

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