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The last couple of days I've been trying to understand even a fraction of some new information/knowledge that a friend has been giving me. It's not really working, I'm still confused. It's regarding financial stuff, boring but necessary. I have done some bad financial decisions in my life, had I not done those mistakes I would had been MUCH better off and with MUCH less stress and sometimes even lots of tears and feelings of WHY ME?! But I guess I have to look at the bright side of things, I'm healthy and happy for the most part. I have a lot to be grateful for. Right?
I also visited my friend Roxy a few times and she lives in the nicest and coolest home I have ever set my foot in here in Vegas. I was like.....WOOOOOOOW when I first entered. It makes me happy when people I know are successful. She also has a ton of artwork everywhere that she painted herself. Super cool!
I took another friend to the dentist to get several of her teeth extracted. It started out well but ended rather badly with lots of bleeding and a visit to the emergency room but she is recovering well now. Ouch!
I kidnapped a bottle of Propofol from the dentist office for some party time later. ;-)

I painted my nails glittery pink. Got a new nail polish called "High Maintenance". My polish starts chipping after about two days. And no I have not tried to gel polish. I know it supposedly stays on for weeks. But then do you need to go back to the salon when it starts chipping so they can remove it? Or can you remove it yourself at home? I'm way too lazy for frequent nail salon visits, not for me. I'm not that dedicated to have nice looking nails.

I worked last night. Nothing to write home about. Right now I'm waiting for the sun to start setting and for it to cool down so I can walk with Chhaya in the park. Later I'm having dinner at Paymons Mediterranean Cafe (very yummy in case you are curios, go to the one on West Sahara). And then I will see what I will do later tonight. Maybe nothing, maybe something.
It's so hot I can't even lay out. The sun is burning my skin.


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Anne Marie Hansson on :

Nothing to write home about? Meaning you as an individual wouldn't take the time to write a letter to where you are from? In regards to your daily or nightly income? does seem like there would be more significantly pressing moral debates you could 'write home' about. For in stance submit an editorial to a local publication in which you speak about every day life existing in and living the American Dream? I find a 'blog' written by a self proclaimed Swedish woman more intriguing than you may imagine. I work for an individual who represents writers interested in creating a more significantly rewarding life as paid authors or speakers rather than mere dime a dozen bloggers. My immediate plans are to comb through this lengthy batch of journal entries in order to select what I think are noteworthy.

Tatiana on :

"Nothing to write home about" means that it wasn't that great/special/exciting, therefore nothing to write home about. It's an expression.
As you will notice when you sift through my lengthy batch of entries (I would hope after writing this blog since 2006 that I would have a lengthy batch of entries) that there are plenty of blogs about work when I've had lots to say.
I don't know what you are talking about, American Dream and that I should submit an editorial to the local paper......? The local Vegas papers already had dancers hold weekly writing guest spots. I doubt the income generated for that paid much more than perhaps their gasoline bill but yes of course it would be great writing for a "real" publication.
What American Dream? That is an expression too that I by the way do not believe in or strive for. I live my life and everybody else lives theirs. Dream or not. It's life - REALITY.
I see that you made a comment to an older entry where you write several times that I am a "self proclaimed Swedish woman."
And? Is there a problem? I did not live in Sweden for two years and then decide to call myself "Swedish" here in the US just because it sounds cooler or exotic. My passport is Swedish and I arrived there as a toddler and grew up there. I speak fluent Swedish of course. But I always tell people that I was born in Poland. I never hide that. So keep sifting through my entries and you will see that too.
Oh.....just remember all text written by me and all photos of me and taken by me are protected by copyright.
Enjoy my blog! You are not the only one that finds it "intriguing", plenty of others do too and read it every day......!

Anne Marie H on :

Copyright? Image? TAK, it is my knowledge that I can not use your personal ramblings as you phrased it without citing the source, which would be this website. This is irreverent right now so I need not delve deeper into the topic. Are there perhaps a few hundred entries in this journal in which you might be so inclined to section off into the topics category so I can reference the highlights rather than sifting or sorting through a decades worth of your life? It would take months for me to read this novel-esque blog. Mainly I am interested in personal stories, real life experience type of writings. Uniquely written episodes that nobody else could capture. Book reviews, music festival informative style entries I can do without. Message boards all over the internet are filled with such reviews and opinions. Unique is the word I find key with your personal stories. Who is Tatiana and why is she blogging for ten years as well as the change from first person to third person prose? As you know blogging is popular in Sweden and I truly adore how you are in a way blogging as a Swedish citizen from America. Why America and why work in the adult industry when you are an educated woman?

Tatiana on :

Why have I been blogging for ten years you ask.....basically because I like to write and read. I enjoy expressing myself like this. For now. It will be ten years next year, if I continue blogging.
Back in the day I used to write in third person because I thought it sounded funny. Lately (since a while now) I am writing in first person.
Why America? Because I arrived here and ended up staying. Now I have grown up people responsibilities and Chhaya, so I live here in the US now. Although I consider myself to be a Global Citizen. It could be the US, Sweden or anywhere else in the world, except where women have to wear the burqa (I would never willingly live in a place like that).
I would not call myself educated because I did not actually finish college and have a degree to show for it. Yes, some time spent at the University of Stockholm and classes taken at colleges in the US too. You do not have to be completely uneducated/dumb/trashy/a drunk or a drug addict etc to work in the "adult entertainment industry". I work with and have worked with several women that danced before, during and after college.
A college degree might not necessary mean a job with a good income. Plenty of people with degrees have a hard time finding a job, any job, let alone a job in the field they studied. They are unemployed and many have students debts. Many women have a "normal" job bur barely make enough to cover their rent and bills and need a man to supplement their income. I know women like that.
Dancing gives me a certain freedom. I know that a college degree can never be taken away from me, it's an accomplishment in a way but at the same time not necessary what I want since I don't know what I want to do.....yet.
So you can be "educated" and a dancer. Absolutely. Do not think that all dancers are some rejects of society that have nothing better going for them than to show off their physical attributes. Please......I can think of plenty of people I know or have encountered with "normal" jobs that are way dumber and trashier than I will EVER be and behave in ways that I would never even consider, although I am the often shunned and pointed at "adult entertainer".
As far as narrowing down my blog entries for you into categories, right now as of today that's a NO. This is something I might do for myself and the blog one day. But if you do have the time, read through the blog.....I know that other people have done it (yes read the WHOLE thing) and it didn't take them months. The first few years of the blog I did not write that often so that you can cover that in a few hours.

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