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Sunday Pizza

It's Sunday night, that usually means Sunday pizza for me, unless I make other plans.
Tonight I had a date with myself. That means QUALITY time well spent. I love alone time.
I indulged in reading about nonsense meaning gossip magazines but I find that very relaxing for some reason, I enjoyed every bite of a "Rustic Veggie" pizza from Pielogy and some ice cream.

I've had many people (usually cashiers) comment on my Pippi purse. I keep my money in it, so when I pay for stuff I fish it out of my handbag and the cashier person will see it. I get several positive reactions on it a week. usually they say that they love Pippi and grew up watching her on TV or reading a Pippi book. Well, I grew up with Pippi too and yes, of course I LOVE Pippi. I think most Swedish kids and adults love Pippi. Sometimes I inform the cashier that Pippi is from Sweden, not a single one so far knew that. Yes, Pippi is Swedish.
The woman that came up with Pippi was the very beloved Swedish author Astrid Lindgren and she wrote many wonderful books, I've read most of them, if not all. When I was little my Mom gave me an audio book with Pippi's adventures. I can still vividly remember listening to the record and singing along to Pippi's song....."Här kommer Pippi Långstrump, tjolahopp tjolahej tjolahoppsan-sa
Här kommer Pippi Långstrump, ja, här kommer faktisk jag.
Det är inte illa, jag har apa häst och villa,
En kappsäck full med pengar är det också bra att ha.
Kom nu alla vänner, varenda kotte som jag känner,
Nu ska vi leva loppan, tjolahej tjolahoppsan-sa"


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