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I know it's been out a while (since last month I think) so I'm a bit late but here are some thoughts on the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2015. First of all I think Hannah Davis looks super pretty on the cover. She is a gorgeous girl with that extra something that makes her stand out, amazing eyes. I know the cover photo caught controversy because of the way she is pulling down her bikini bottoms exposing the top of her privates basically. I have to agree. There is a fine line between messages. For Sports Illustrated I think they could had kept it a bit more "classy". I think pulling down the bottoms like that is a bit too much, perhaps a finger playfully on one of the hips tugging at the bottoms. Anyhow. But my favorite is Irina Shayk, she has been for years. If she would walk past me I would walk into a wall or a light post because I would turn my head to check her out. OMG, what a beautiful creature! Perfection. She did the cover a few years ago and I loved that cover and she has been in SI swimsuit issues for the last few years now. She was together with that Ronaldo football player guy but they recently separated. Good, I think she is way too good for him.
I love Sports Illustrated because of the gorgeous location shoots and the girls are very good looking for the most part. Of course they do use some photo shop and all that stuff and it's ALL about what you look like but that's the modeling business for you. It has nothing to do with personality and that's just the way it is. I enjoy looking at beautiful girls, it's like art to me. The body mixed with photography can be art.
Now, I am glad that there is no Kate Upton in this issue. I don't think that she has any business to be in SI. Sure she can do modeling but not in lingerie or a bikini, she does not have the body for it. She is too large and floppy and that is my opinion. I don't like Chrissy Teigen at all, Emily Ratajkowski is also a no and I'm undecided about Gigi Hadid.


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Mumintrollet on :

"I know the cover photo caught controversy because of the way she is pulling down her bikini bottoms exposing the top of her privates basically."

I'll forgive her. That's just who I am...

Tatiana on :

Absolutely! There are way worse things one can do.
BUT for a SI cover it is rather risque.

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