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Interesting indeed

First off, today Tatiana got Esquire magazine because Megan Fox is gracing the cover, Tatiana likes!
Megan is quite beautiful........what do YOU think? Watch and let Tatiana know!

Another thing. Back to Miss California, interestingly enough some topless pics of her (Carrie Prejean is her name) surfaced. What's even more interesting is that Tatiana shot with the same photographer that took these pics of Miss California. Tatiana was quite happy with the results. She is sharing two of the pics with you now, she has plans for the other pics for another upcoming project.
: )


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Alvin on :

Talk about a great video!
Those are some beautiful pictures too! You do great as a model.

Sam on :

I normally reserve the word “gorgeous” for brunettes, but you are gorgeous. You could certainly grace the cover of any glamour magazine.
But…. What’s going on with your left hand? It looks like a cross between a shy girl-scout salute and a Vulcan hello.

Tatiana on :

Where Tatiana comes from she is considered a brunette actually, she thinks her hair is like a golden brown.
Regarding the hand.......Tatiana is happy that you noticed! She is shy indeed and the hand is expressing it, lol. Or she is just leaning it up against the wall, she can't remember which one it is anymore. Or she might be saying hello? Whatever the reason, her hand is cute!

Sam on :

Beautiful Hands. You could model gloves.

Tatiana on :

LOL, model gloves? Ok but that's kind of boring........Tatiana would rather model lingerie or high end couture!

S. on :

Couture? That word is way too high-end for me.

You are not easily upset! Of course your hands are too cute for modeling gloves. Maybe jewelry. Diamonds, Emeralds.

Monika on :

Wow! Du är otroligt vacker.... Saknar dig! Hoppas att du har det bra med livet. Och ännu mer så hoppas jag att vi ses snart...

Med all min kärlek, Monika

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