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Today me and Julia had pedicures. But first we went nail polish shopping. I found us a brand of nail polish I haven't tried before, Ginger+Liz. Julia wanted something dark so she picked this dark green shade called "Blowing Money Fast" and I went with a light pink shade called "Catch The Bouquet".

Then I had to go to Red Shoes and find another pair of platform heels. So these are my latest, hot pink and sparkly. Pretty!

So the current collection consists of these three pairs, all by Pleaser and all 7". And all of them have rhinestones.

To be correct, I do have one more pair of platforms but they are not comfortable so I don't wear them. I will give them away or something. Julia forwarded me some ad she found on Craigslist. Some guy (I'm assuming it's a guy) wants to buy "well worn heels" for cash, stripper heels are a huge plus. He is also willing to buy heels for dancers.....the only requirement is very pretty feet. My feet can probably pass for pretty. I've had random people compliment them before but since about two years or so now I have corns on two of my toesies.....BOOOOOO! I think it's called corn. Basically a slightly raised bump looking thing on top of the toe, it's from the heels I wear at work. Maybe there is some sort of a corn remover or something I can try, I know it's not calluses. Anyhow.....IF I do email this person willing to buy stripper heels for cash, Julia has to come with me in case we decide to meet up so he can inspect my heels and perhaps feet, in a very public place like Starbucks. Of course!
Actually Julia needs some new heels too.

Matching bra and heels. This might be tonight's outfit IF I go to work. I was planning on going but now I'm feeling tired and lazy. Chhaya is sleeping and I kind of want to lay down next to her, snuggle and go to sleep too......the bed looks soooooo inviting!


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