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I got some important stuff taken care of and sent off today. Stuff that has been stressing me out, stuff that I did not want to deal with whatsoever.'s out of my hands now for a while and that feel good. Relief! What a great feeling that is.
I met Julia at Madhouse Coffee afterwards. We exchanged Valentine's Day cards and gifts, better late than never. I got a notebook , good cause I needed one. I get ideas and need to write them down, instead I make a mental note and think I'm going to remember every single detail of my thought process during the idea and sometimes I do but sometimes I don't. So I needed a small notebook to keep in my purse. Also a super cute Hello Kitty box with candy inside and a monkey button. Very Da Nang! Julia always knows what I need and what I like.

So this is what I looked like today, for all my fans out there...... ;-)
I got this yellow shirt (or whatever it is called) at a small store in Brooklyn almost three years ago. I did not wear it until my first night at Burning Man last year, I just did not know what to wear it with, no good occasion to wear it I guess. I brought it with me to Vegas and decided to put it on today. And it matches the roses outside my door, therefore the pics.


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