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Snow In Vegas

Woke up to a chilly and grey day and snow capped mountains......snow in Vegas! FUN!
Well, not a lot of "let's take out the sled" kind of snow but still. So me and half of Vegas (seemed like) headed for Red Rock to hike, take pics and gawk at that white stuff on the ground called snow.
I started out this Monday, this new week with a latte and a chocolate croissant at Samba Latte. I've been at home hibernating, eating, feeling sorry for myself and PMS-ing the last two day.....NO MORE of that crap! Going outside and moving around is one of the best remedies for a crappy mood.

Red Rock was beautiful today. All mysterious looking with low hanging clouds, no sun today, kind of fingers froze a bit, Chhaya did not need any water, she had lots of energy.

Now we are back home. I just ate and Chhaya did too. Tonight's plans.....I'm not sure. ;-)


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