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Saturday Night

It's Saturday night in Vegas and what's on the menu? Cuddle time and ice cream! I've had a rather hectic week and I really want to relax and just BE. Found some new ice creams that I haven't tried yet and some yummy trail mix to munch on.
Looking forward to just laying in bed, reading blogs (I still read a bunch of people's blogs - I find it entertaining and relaxing), chat with my brother on Facebook, maybe call my Mom, take a bath later, perhaps a honey face mask, find a movie or documentary on Netflix and peacefully drift to sleep. The only things missing is a good book! I have a serious new book craving, need to find something good to read soon, I have a book in mind. I will show you if/when I get it.
A lot of tourists that come through town don't understand how people can live in Las Vegas.....well, some people that live here rarely go down to the Strip for whatever reasons. Some suffer from Stripophobia. I have friends that work as teachers and they very rarely go down there. There is plenty of stuff to do, shopping, restaurants etc far removed from Las Vegas Blvd. I enjoy the Strip, I think it's beautiful at night with all the colors and lights.
And it's entertaining to watch the drunk tourists waddle around.
Today at Boca Park while I was getting my latte there was an auction. They "auctioned off" a fellow with a "heart like Sir Lancelot" and a very white smile to some ladies. All the proceeds would go to some battered women's shelter. I can't recall which one now. Well, they collected $600 in only a few minutes! WOW! I need to start auctioning off some hunky men at Boca Park on weekends to the lonely and wealthy Summerlinites. Seriously. If you are interested, send me an email. The proceeds will be divided. Part of it will go to some charity, concerning animals or children. And part will go to my latte fund. The hunky man will have to see what the lady that picks him has to offer. How about that?

I also went bowling again a few nights ago. Soon I'm going to throw down strikes like a pro. Old Fogbone warning alert!


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Mumintrollet on :

" I have a book in mind. I will show you if/when I get it."

50 shades?

Tatiana on :

50 Shades Of Grey? NOOOOOOO! HELL NO!
A few years ago when I was in NYC and it started raining I ran into a bookstore. The first book in the 50 Shades Of Grey series (it's a trilogy) was on display and I skimmed through it. Took like 45 minutes to look through it and I thought it was utter and complete BS. I know this series of books has many female fans but I'm not one of them and I think the language and the story was really stupid. BARF was my opinion.

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