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Heart Attack Grill

I've been craving shakes and fries lately and I've also been curios about a much talked about burger place here in Vegas, Heart Attack Grill, so I went the other night to satisfy my cravings.The Heart Attack Grill is located on Fremont Street. First of all, if you happen to be 350 lbs or more (about 158 kilos or so) you can eat free here, everyday, as long as you buy a soda to go with your free meal. I do not qualify for this free happy meal offer.

The menu features mostly burgers but I did get my shake I've been craving, they put a piece of butter on top instead of a cherry I'm guessing. I also got fries and onion rings. I was happy with the taste of my food, I like almost everything, my taste buds are not hard to please, BUT the shake was too small so I was disappointed in that.

What I did very much enjoy was that all the waitresses were dressed in super cute nurse uniforms. Looking something like this. Plus they will spank you with a wooden paddle (HARD!) in front of everybody if you want.

There are lots of cool posters and fun decorations all over the place. And they play music videos. When "Youth Gone Wild" by Skid Row came on I decided I definitely like the Heart Attack Grill. Sebastian Bach = best singer of the heavy metal (?) bands, voice of an angel and gorgeous too. So I was stuffing my face with fries and onion rings and singing along to the songs. This is a fun visit if you crave a burger, a shake or some fries and want a different experience than just the ordinary food place offers. I recommend a visit.


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Mumintrollet on :

"heavy metal (?)"

Probably Glam rock/metal.

Tatiana on :

I knew you were going to say something about this!
Well, I first wrote hair band.
To me glam is more like big hair due to too much hairspray and lots of makeup. But then, so is hair band.
Then I checked Wiki and it's says, "Skid Row is an American heavy metal band." But if you look around some more on the web you can find Skid Row listed in the glam bands bracket.
I think rock/metal is a good enough description and I am far from some sort of a music genre whiz.
All I know is Sebastian Bach was freakin' HOT!

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