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News From Vegas

Have you heard of the Mom of four kids that got shot at and died a few days ago here in Vegas in what, after some confusing reports, first was reported to have been a case of road rage and now it's turning into some still unclear story of the victim knowing her assailant. Well let me tell you, that happened two blocks from where I live. First of all, the night of the shooting I was driving home, I turned on Alta and passed a police car parked on the side of the road. The officer was putting out those yellow little things with numbers on them on the road.....I slowed down and had to slightly drive to the left to pass the police car.
I thought......there must be bullets or shells laying on the road that he is locating. The next day when I woke up I heard about the shooting. And today they arrested some 19 year old kid that most likely shot the lady, although supposedly one more guy is on the loose. This is a nice neighborhood close to a school, a church and a park where I take Chhaya for walks. It's the only park I walk to from my house because it's that close, the other two local parks I take Chhaya to I drive to. I drove down Cherry River Drive at 10 50 PM tonight. There were news vans from at least three different local news stations there, setting up to do interviews and plenty of police presence still. Earlier today, around 4 PM or so there were A LOT of cop cars and yellow tape, meaning don't cross. The reports of what really happened are still vague, confusing and keep on changing. The initial story told the day after the shooting is not the story they are reporting now. Hmmmm......I thought something sounded weird with the initial story and I have some theories but that's not too important right now. What is for sure is that the lady (her name was Tammy) that died, woke up that day, most likely feeling like it was just another regular day. Later on she was shot dead and a family shattered. Tammy was married and had four kids. I can't even imagine if that happened to my Mom.......Crazy!
I did not get out of the car or take any pics of cop cars/people. The situation down the street is tense and I don't want to annoy a tired cop.

Some more news from Vegas. Home invasions have increased here since the economy worsened after about 2008. Recently five teenagers got arrested after being involved in a brutal home invasion here last month. Not only did they steal from the family they also sexually assaulted some of them. There were children in the house. The five guys arrested are teenagers. I doubt this was their first criminal act. You just don't wake up one day, feel bored and decide to go and invade homes and beat up random innocent people just for fun. Burglary, home invasion, robbery and sexual assault are serious crimes. I'd rather have my car stolen than have a group of guys break into my house, steal my stuff, beat me up and sexually assault me. I don't know if I would mentally recover from that. And I've had my car stolen here in Vegas and I've been burglarized too. Trust me, that was NOT fun. I was very upset and I still think about it at times but home invasion? That's just too much!
I think these five assholes should be tried as adults and put away for a very long time. To me they seem like violent repeat offenders. They do not belong in society.
And that my friends were some recent and sad news from Vegas.


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Someone needs to carry her gun with her...

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I'm just walking around with my crayyyyzie face on.....people are scared of the crazy face and don't dare to mess with me.

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