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Red Rock Lanes

I went bowling at Red Rock Lanes again, this time with my two loves Fuckface and Skrootie.
I kind of like bowling (I think) this might become my new hobby as I am approaching old age faster than I care for. Bowling and an RV, I think I have my future figured out! :-)
Of course we had to take pictures......well, I HAD to take pictures. Look, me and Skrootie are the cutest.

Fuckface is shy so he will only show his backside.....very SEKSI backside I think.

Since I am a natural and cleaning I decided to borrow the cleaning supply cart and made sure to leave the place spotless.
Bowling shoes are HOT!

I am Skrinkie, that's my other name and this time Skrinkie came in last. I thought I would be a strong second but then Skrootie started throwing down a series of nines and I just could not keep up. Fuckface is unbeatable, for now.


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