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Same Sex marriage right and pageants

Tatiana is very happy that gay people exist. Oh so very happy! Thank you gay people! The world sure would be a less colorful place without them. Tatiana spent many nights dancing in gay bars, mostly guy gay bars, those are great, good looking guys dancing around and not trying to hit on Tatiana, what else can be better? One of Tatianas best friends is gay and he is so awesome in every way and one of Tatianas fave dj's and also a friend, is gay and he is the hottest.
So the recent Miss California can take her anti gay marriage remark and stick it up her bony ass. California should be represented by a gay friendly chick anyways. Just make PEREZ Hilton Miss California already!
Miss California says that her remark is "biblically correct". Oh whatever, you lame fogbone says Tatiana to that. To bring the bible into the gay thing is just so tired and old and wrong. If she is so into her bible and so church going she should be less worried about competing in pageants where all she is being judged on is what she looks like and not what's inside her brain, obviously. If she really is such a good bible follower she should rip out those implants she just got "to boost her confidence" and wash off all that make up and go and do something good for human kind instead, that would boost her confidence more than those implants will.
Pageants are so passe anyways, that stuff is so dumb.
And who cares if two people that like each other want to be together even if they are of the same sex? Seriously, it's 2009.....get with the times people!
Being gay or not should not matter! Kids get bullied at school over "being gay" and many are so sad and fed up that they commit suicide over it! Imagine being 11 and so sad over being bullied at school that you resort to suicide!? This is no laughing matter. It is very serious. And this Miss California can take her "biblically correct" opinion and shove it!
Tatiana is sending every intelligent, open minded person all her love!


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Alvin on :

Haha! Gays are fun people! One of my best friends is a gay computer nerd :-D Another is a cute lesbian English major/gamer nerd haha.

IOMP on :

In 50 yrs people will look back wondering what the big deal was.

H de bombe on :

Many people claim the "love of wisdom" and try to limit life.
But the "wisdom of love" will trump this by setting an beautiful example. You dear, are truly beautiful and will certainly triumph.

Homo(sapien) on :

Dearest Tati,

I can't express how much I appreciate your open mindedness and possitive attitude toward the GLBT community. As a gay man I have always strugled with my sexuality. Knowing that there are people like you who are willing to stand up against predgudice and ignorance makes it much easier. Thanks


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