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My V Day

OK, so Valentine's Day is almost over and I'm in bed with Chhaya next to me while some clothes are drying in the dryer. I did go down to the Strip and had dinner, I ate at Guy Fieri's and it was good. I'm a foodie and one of my pleasures in life is to eat and try new places to eat. Actually during dinner I blurted out that I should work as one of those secret restaurant out Michelin stars to places, or not. I think I would be great at that, the only catch - I don't eat meat (yes, that includes fish). But I will gladly savor and analyze all the other dishes on the menu, especially the desserts!
Here are some pics from my V Day. Chhaya of course - the love of my life. ❤

I finished all the chocolates in the read heart while in bed. Accompanied with a hot cup of tea. Delicious!

Kisses to all! xoxo

Do you ever have people tell you that you look like somebody? Once in a while you get some random person that you don't look like at all besides in they eye's of whoever that said it.
Like mistaken identity stuff, it happened to me a couple of times, kind of creepy actually that there might be some stranger out there that looks a lot like you.
But when many people say the same thing, you start to wonder. So for a while I would get Gwyneth Paltrow. A lot. Like at least 30 times I've heard that, probably more. I don't really see the resemblance but whatever. In the last two weeks three different people told me Iggy Azalea. What? Not body of course, we do not have the same shape. Face? I don't know? Maybe in motion I can see some resemblance but not in pics. Sometimes a person looks totally different in motion and real life than pics. A lot of times nowadays actually due to photo shop and filters.
Back to more V Day. So I read an article in The Sunday (free weekly Vegas magazine) about finding love in Sin City......It said that people here have too high standards and unrealistic expectations. Women want men with six pack abs, men want beautiful women much younger than themselves (like half their age) and with perfect proportions. "Dating" sites where men with money to throw around can find a Sugar Baby to spoil are oversaturated with hungry Sugar Babies. 47 000 Sugar Babies have 9000 Sugar Daddies to fight for. Ouch! I guess if I was in the habit of dating men double my age I would too look for a Sugar Daddy. But I'm not and it's not my thing but I don't really want to judge. As long as the two parties both are aware of what they are in for I guess.......There are more men than women in living Vegas, 118 to 100. But if you look at different sites you will get different results but all of them say that there are more men than women here. I can think of a place where the women outnumber the men in Vegas, the strip clubs. Far too many women and not enough guys. And the women (the dancers) are very hungry for what's in the wallet, some of them bordering some serious desperation. I think many men get confused in a strip club and think that real life and what they experienced in the club are somewhat similar, hence the men out there that want beautiful women with perfect proportions half their age. Duh, once your wallet is empty she will leave. Helllllloooooo!!!! Wake up and smell the coffee buddy! If you want a beautiful girl you better have something to offer her, as far as in your own qualities or you can become a Sugar Daddy too.
I know that finding a quality relationship is difficult. I want quality, not quantity. I am not into dating around. It takes work to have a good relationship, unless you are so incredibly lucky to find that perfect match for you that you get along amazingly well with on all levels OR you are a pushover and never speak up and disagree although you are dying inside. That's not me.
To me communication is the key. I can't read a person mind so I need them to talk to me.
I don't need a hard body or a deep wallet but I need a grown up man, not a baby. That means emotionally grown up, not some hair on the balls. That is NOT impressive. Of course I have to be attracted to the guy too but that only goes so far. You can be in a relationship but feel lonely and that is a horrible feeling. I guess they have a local place here now where you can hire somebody to cuddle with you, cuddle only - no kissing, touching privates and no sex.
You can buy cuddles by the hour ($80) of overnight ($325). In the article it says, " A lot of people are married and don't have a good relationship with their wife, so they just miss human touch." about you start COMMUNICATING with your wife and PAY ATTENTION to her and APPRECIATE her, I bet that would change some things up in the relationship and there would be no need for human touch from strangers billed at $80/hour or more. WTF? And BARF!
In the end, the most important relationship you should have is the one you have with yourself. This is true. That and whatever animal friend's you might have in your life. I love Chhaya so much. So here I am, Chhaya next to me, I'm about to turn the lights off and sleep, cuddling with her for free. So wherever you are, single or in a relationship, I hope you are happy and kind to yourself. Happy Valentine's Day! ❤

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Annette on :

:-) I love snuggling with Snuggle Bugs (Jax). I love coming home and he is at the door waiting for me....I spend my first 15min home after work talking to him giving him all my attention.

Tatiana on :

I think that's great that you do that! I feel bad when I have to leave Chhaya at home, she looks at me with a very unhappy's sad.

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