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Lake Mead

I went to Lake Mead the other day with the intention to go swimming. Well, to be honest I only went in mid calf. It wasn't THAT cold but I can be a bit sensitive to cold water. Like a big baby. Anyhow, finding a nice place to lay down and enjoy the "beach" at Lake Mead is easier said than done. I went to a place I used to go to when I lived in Vegas full time. The water level at the lake has gone down a lot, so you are basically walking on large rocks and small crispy sea shells (or whatever they are) that are attached to the rocks. Not that comfortable at all. It's not like a nice beach in Hawaii or something. But I stayed for a couple of hours and tanned plus Chhaya did go swimming, she gets the sticks I throw out for her into the water. So she had fun. And that's all that matters to me.

She did not want anything to do with this though.....could not wait to get off.

Since we were already at Lake Mead we went back to Redstone. It's really gorgeous there.


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melinda on :

That looks like fun, I cant believe it's already warm enough for a bikini. You look awesome btw!!! What's your secret? Maybe I need to eat more pastries.

Tatiana on :

The secret is pastries and vanilla latte!
Oh yes, definitely warm enough for a bikini.

Mumintrollet on :

I like your pose on the third picture, it's your best angle , not the glasses though.

Tatiana on :

I take that as a compliment since usually people (girls in pics) angle or twist their body to avoid straight on poses (I do that too).....sunglasses = sunny in Vegas = necessary.

Mumintrollet on :

With your waist-hip ratio you have no problem with the straight on pose. Makes you look very female ,even though you're thin.

Miley Cyrus is thin like you but she looks like a young boy ( Justin Bieber ) , not sexi ( well , if your not into that... ).

Kate Upton has more meat , but she also has the boyish shaped body. She's overhyped as a model.

Britney Spears has more of the female shape.

Tatiana on :

Miley has a boyish figure, slim hips no waist. But she is very cute and spunky.
Britney has curves. She looked absolutely amazing in her older VMA performances. Gorgeous.
Kate Upton is the most overhyped model (in her category) that I've ever seen. Cute face but awful body. Very average, does not belong on a runway or a SI cover in my opinion. Perhaps a harsh opinion but we are talking top money making models now, not everyday baby mama's.

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