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The other night I went and saw Absinthe (a show here in town). I have seen most of the Cirque du Soleil shows and have been curious about Absinthe for a while (Absinthe is not a Cirque show). Well, first when I sat down I thought the tent (the show is in a tent outside) was kind of small and the seats very close together, you basically rub elbows with your neighbors and also the seats are the most uncomfortable of any show I have been to in Vegas. You sit on a basic wooden chair. But all of that did not matter once the show commenced. It was really good! You are very close to the performers (depending on seats, I was rather close) and some of them really put on some extremely difficult and dangerous acts. I was very impressed and slightly worried a few times that somebody would projectile out into the audience and cause a disaster. It's amazing how talented these performers are.....I snapped a few pics but they do not do the show justice and I was so into the show that taking pics wasn't a priority. Absinthe is also a fun show, lots of laughs.

After Absinthe I went to Little Darlings (yes, I decided to go one more time) because they were having a wet t-shirt contest there, well at least I thought they would. But no girls signed up for it! So no contest. How weird, the ad said $1000 in cash prices but no takers. I do not do contests, not my thing. Once a friend convinced me to enter in one (here in Vegas) and you had to be crafty and make a bikini and not out of fabric. So my friend told me (actually pleaded with me) that she would make the bikini if I wore it in the competition. She made a cookies and cream bikini out of Oreo cookies and small milk cartons plus saran wrap in certain places so the cookies would cover my private parts, very clever. I was kind of mortified when I stumbled out on the stage, like I said, I don't like "competing" like that. Anyhow, I got third place and $400 that we split.....or was it $300? It's been so long, I can't recall the amount anymore. I will look for the pics, I saw them the other day.
Anyhow, back to Little no willing wet t-shirt contestants. BUT on the other hand, a HUGE improvement from the last time I was there which was on a Saturday. The last time, only rap, rather ghetto and the girls were not that great either. This time - good music and a handful of very attractive ladies. There were about five that were quite stunning. I remember one was called Pixie and another Queen. Both suuuuuper pretty. It's weird being in the audience in a strip club. I start thinking about things that I should perhaps improve on myself and I look at stuff like feet and if the dancers toes are polished, details like are their outfits nice and clean etc.....some girls looked very blase, bored and zombie like when on stage.
It looks bad but I know how it is sometimes (like BLEH & BARF) so I get it.......


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