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What have I been up to the last couple of days? Just some stuff. Went to Red Rock (usually I go there about once a week).

Had latte, this one while shopping at the Fashion Show Mall.

Found some weird store toting itself as a survivalist store. Some people are preparing for the end of the world, aka "preppers" or survivalists, so I got curios and had to see what they had in there. Thought that maybe they had a vanilla latte supply for the next 50 years or so in case I get stuck in a cave somewhere. But it was more of a fun store. Lots of fun photo opportunities though, so I might have to go back there. Me and my new friends.

Went bowling with Julia and our significant others last night. It was more like a crazy bowling convention. I thought Julia was going to break either the floor or the bowling balls cause she was throwing the bowling ball down the lane, basket ball style. But it was fun to bowl, I think it was like ten years ago last time I did it. I managed to get 90 something points.

And some random pics just because.......


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