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It's getting hotter here. My favorite time to be in Vegas is between October and April.
After that I think it's just too hot and the sun burns my pale skin. Me and Julia spent yesterday afternoon at MadHouse Coffee, taking pics with our lattes so we can earn free drinks. I love everything free and I will torture Julia to walk for great lengths in the sun so I can save a few dollars on random stuff. Hey, it's in my blood! I can't help myself. Sometimes I even haggle. You never know unless you ask.....right?
The other day I drove to a gas station on Lake Mead and Losee to get cheap gas in the middle of the night......when I got out of the car and saw all the crazies running around the place, I wondered for a few seconds if I would make it out of there alive or with all my belongings.
I don't think I will get gas there again, even if it's cheap. So far the cheapest gas was two Sundays ago, $1.97 9/10. I get excited over bargains. Maybe I should take up couponing?
That might very well be my natural talent.
I found a "Smile On A Stick". I had one years ago but it disappeared, now I have one again. You can have lots of fun with it, I have some ideas already......


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