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Right Place Right Time

Yesterday before I was getting ready to meet Julia to walk a few laps around the park on Buffalo and Washington I stopped in at Trader Joe's for a free coffee. I love Trader Joe' get small coffees for free and they also provide cream and sugar. Perfect!

When we started walking I heard some kind of commotion behind us somewhere. I turn around and see a guy and a girl looked like he was being violent with her and there was lots of yelling. I got involved and started yelling loudly for him to leave her alone and that I was going to call the cops. He threw her purse hard into the ground several times and she was crying. Then he left and she was picking up her stuff that was scattered all over.....So we decided to approach her to see if she needed ANYTHING. Well, to make a rather long story short. Her name was Becky, 19 years old. Boyfriend 22 has been abusive towards her for the last two months. Including slapping in the face, pushing and choking her until she blacked out. She had decided to leave him and he was not happy about that (of course). Typical abusive and manipulative guy, telling her it's her fault when he gets mad and violent towards her, making her be with him only and not with her friends. We comforted this crying girl. She said she was embarrassed to be crying and we reassured her she had done nothing wrong. The boyfriend appeared behind us a few minutes later yelling nonsense like "bitch" and bla bla bla, I told him to stay the fuck away or he would regret it. Then we gave her a ride home to her Dad's house where she also was living. We told her to NOT go back to this "boyfriend" even though he most likely would try to win her back with sweet talk and I love you's. He at 22 is still living at home with his Mom, that according to Becky he would be verbally abusive to and he already had done some time for an incident involving violence. Typical loser and an abusive loser too. Me and Julia told Becky that she has her whole life ahead of her and with no ties like having kids together with him, she must cut him loose and move on to a bright future. We also told her that statistically women that get badly hurt and/or even murdered are usually the victims of a husband, boyfriend or an ex. We gave her our contact info if she needs us for anything, like help filing a restraining order or talk etc. We have her address and we are going to make her a really cute V❤lentine's card and send it to her. Outside her Dad's house we all hugged. Becky said she did not know what she would had done if we had not been there when all of this was going on with the boyfriend. We were simply at the right place at the right time.
And both me and Julia are really glad that we were there when this happened.
A few weeks ago I assisted another girl in distress. I was walking to my car after shopping at the Miracle Mile Shops when a girl came up to me and asked me if I could help her find her car. She said she had asked several people to help her and nobody would. She was a bit tipsy and I was concerned whether she was going to be able to drive home but she seemed OK, just somewhat frazzled and worried. It took maybe 15 minutes of looking and then we found the car. She wanted a hug too at the end. Sometimes you just have to do the right thing, even if it's taking an extra time out of your day or your comfort zone. Imagine if that was YOU going through something upsetting and there was nobody there willing to help. What an awful feeling! Speak up when witnessing something wrong. Do something if you can help.

Be kind. Easier said than done. I always say that actions speak louder than words. I came across this picture hanging on a wall in a store the other day and decided to snap a pic of it.
I think it ended up fitting this blog entry......


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Annette on :

Yay :-) you made a difference in your sphere of influence...I love it...I love it...I love it!

Mumintrollet on :

You need to bring your gun with you more.

Tatiana on :

The gun is in Alaska. The gun laws are different everywhere, I would need to apply for a concealed weapons permit to bring my gun out and about in Vegas.....but maybe I should carry a taser.....hmmmmm.

Mumintrollet on :

But can you carry it legally if you dont conceal it? Lara Croft style.

The gun in a leg holster and the ar-15 on the back.

Tatiana on :

The assault rifle on my back? LOL! If I would step outside in Vegas with an assault rifle strapped to my back I would be taken down like a terrorist (probably shot dead). That is NOT legal.
Actually when I went to Monster Massive (a rave) in LA dressed as Lara Croft for Halloween I had two BB guns (realistic looking but not real by any means) strapped to my legs. The cops told me I could NOT enter the rave with the BB guns and I had to leave them in my car.....

Mumintrollet on :

It's not an assault rifle if it's semi automatic, it has to be a full auto to be an assault rifle.

You need to join the NRA.

Isn't open carry legal in Las vegas?

Mumintrollet on :

"Nevadans are free to don their arms in the open"

“The open-carry movement has gained momentum over the last four or five years because people are waking up to their rights,” Farrell says. “I don’t need a permit to exercise free speech. I don’t need a permit to be tried by a jury if I’m accused of a crime, so why do I need a permit to carry a gun if I have a constitutional right to carry a gun?”

"Nevada is a better place than most for Farrell because it is "an open--carry state." Nevada reiterates the right to bear arms in its constitution and does not have blanket restrictions on law-abiding citizens’ open carrying of firearms.

That’s why a dozen or so people who attended the March 27 Tea Party rally in Searchlight were able to openly carry firearms."

But as he walks in one recent afternoon, a bartender who spots the gun is taken aback. She says the only pistol-packing customers she has served are undercover cops.

“So what I should have done is asked to see your concealed weapons permit because that is something that’s mandatory,” she tells Farrell.

“I don’t have a concealed gun on me,” he replies. “I do have a concealed-weapons permit but you do not need a concealed-weapons permit for a nonconcealed gun.”

“I mean, a regular permit just to carry the gun around,” she says.

“There is no permit in this state for that,” he tells her."

"These advocates staged peaceful protests in North Las Vegas last year — picking up litter “to show we’re just regular guys” — and in January in front of Bally’s on the Strip, where numerous tourists had their pictures taken with Farrell and roughly 20 of his fellow gun-toters.

Farrell had given a Metro watch commander a courtesy heads-up before his armed group headed down to the Strip. The police commander thanked him for the warning, acknowledged the group’s right to assemble, but also pleaded with Farrell to cancel his plans.

The tourists who took pictures, however, encouraged Farrell and his posse to keep standing up for the Constitution, he says, and that’s what he intends to do."

Land of the free! Carry your guns!

Tatiana on :

I am not a member of the NRA and at this time have to plans or desire to become a member. I barely know anything about the NRA.
I have never seen a single civilian carry a weapon openly out and about in Vegas....only cops do.
I have no interest at this time in my life to carry a gun or a rifle on me as I am out doing errands and walking Chhaya therefore the laws concerning stuff pertaining to these matters are not that important to me.

Jim on :

Bear spray would work wonders on that poor excuse of a man!

Brian on :

You and Julia are doing the right thing! Thanks so much for helping your fellow human beings!

Julia on :

The problem is that people do not want to get involved ( usually ) when they see people fighting or yelling or carrying on in an unbecomming way....... However, it only takes a few minutes to observe a situation and evaluate if a person may need help as in medical assistance, law enforcement, or just a good person willing to take time out of their day to make sure there is not something they can do to help. Luckily, Becky was only 19 years old and was very polite and apologetic. Great manners - someone raised her very well. That is troubling in itself because it goes to show that abuse can happen to ANYONE. Tatiana and I were lucky that Becky was so nice and 'normal'. We may not have been quick to offer just anyone a ride home. I jokingly asked her if she had a gun in her purse and if she planned to kill us and steal the car......... Bottom line : do what you feel is right when you see someone in distress. Do what you would hope someone would do for you if you were ever in need of assistance. Also keep your own safety in mind and if 'helping' means calling the police or involving other people that is okay too. Generally speaking its not a good idea to give rides to strangers at night but Tatiana and I both knew we needed to give Becky a ride home. :-)

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