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LOL and YES Tatiana still needs......

On April 3 Tatiana announced that she still needs the OLIVIA painting and suggested that YOU get.........
Somebody calling themselves "Tatiana Richardson" decided to leave this comment "well not everyone can attend to your needs. you better learn to work!"
Tatiana thinks this is great, she loves comments. YEAY! She knows that many are reading her superfun and awesome blog but majority are not leaving any comments. Don't be lazy all of you! Tatiana doesn't care if you come with positive or negative comments. She is happy with herself no matter what.
So Tatiana just wants to say to "Tatiana Richardson" that YES she still needs and no she does not need to learn to work because she already works and she does it quite well. Maybe "Tatiana Richardson" can come in to The Bush one night to see for herself how well Tatiana knows how to work? Tatiana thinks that this "Tatiana Richardson" really needs at least 10 lap dances with lots of good old fashioned boob slapping, because that's really good therapy!
Tatiana also thinks that "Tatiana Richardson" has a very interesting first name! What a coincidence, WOW!
Here it is once again, Tatiana needs this!


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Alvin on :

Yes! I agree!! Tatiana doesn't need to learn to work! Tatiana can work it REALLY good! haha.... lap dances are very therapeutic!

Tatiana on :

Oh Alvin you are so sweet! Say HI to Courtney from me!
XOXO, Tatiana

Sam on :

Sold. Maybe someone has already purchased it for you. Looks like it went for 20 lapdances, 2 dinners, 1 lunch and a smile.

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