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This is one of my images from the shoot I did last Sunday. So it's basically brand new. I only got a few images to choose from and this might be the only one that I end up sharing from that shoot. Maybe one or two more, we'll see. That's how it goes sometimes. Wes, the photographer, told me to bring heels and boots. That's it. He shoots nudes. As you can see nude can be tasteful. When some people think of nude pics of girls they think of Hustler style pics. That is not my style. I don't mind shooting nudes as long as they look something in the line of this, or cute and playful. Everybody likes different things and views "art" differently.
To me this is art. And that is the actual sun shining like a huge star behind me, pretty cool!
I don't know how Wes did it but there were light reflectors on me and flashes bouncing off me.


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Annette on :


Brian on :

Can you say "Jawdropping Desert Sun Goddess"?

Tatiana on :

Desert Sun Goddess......awwww, thanks!

Julia on :

Guess what ?? I know how the photographer made the sun into a STAR and also the pretty light reflections in the picture ! I would not have known this information any longer than a few months ago, aside from using some sort of photo editing software but thanks to all of my time spent lately editing pictures with my own software - he added something called a "light flash" and placed it over your body in a way that is very flattering. Next time I see you and I have the tablet with me I will show you all the different "light flashes" a person can add to a photograph to enhance its beauty. Very talented photographer/artist who took/created the image of you in the sun. :-)

Tatiana on :

The sun was shining behind me when Wes took the pic, it wasn't added in there afterwards. It's supposed to look like the sun still with the beams of light coming out of it, not a star.....although the sun IS a star.
His two assistants were holding light reflectors next to me.

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