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Too Hairy

So since I have bought new shoes and new bra's and I'm in Vegas some of you might be wondering if I'm working......? Me, working? Nooooooo. I have auditioned at at least ten clubs since I've been here (I lost count after ten) and all the managers in charge of hiring told me that I'm too hairy down there (while staring at my neither regions with a look of bewilderment written all over their face) and to come back after I shave. Too hairy? What? I don't get it!
I'm not going to shave! Instead I will live off my meager savings and see how many lattes, pastries and more shopping I can do until I have to start begging for money with all the other hustlers and weirdos doing the same at Las Vegas Blvd.

At least somebody likes my hairy vagine!

Not working....just hanging out. ;-)


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Paul on :

nah that looks just fine don't shave, maybe just a trim ;-)

Tatiana on :

A slight trim around the edges and I'm good to go!

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