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Red Shoes

So I been wanting to get a new pair of shoes for a while now. Both the chrome (silver) and the pink ones with rhinestones (Stardust 701) finally broke on me due to long usage and I even stapled the pink ones to get more time out of them. Well, sadly they are done and have to go to stripper shoe heaven. Meaning I will sell them to the highest bidder. There is a demand out there for well used stripper shoes.
So where do I go to get sparkling new shoes.....and I'm talking about stripper shoes now although I'm sure there are ladies out there that wear those kinds of shoes outside in the "real" world, like Shauna Sand for example. Well, I go to Red Shoes of course! Located at 4011 West Sahara Avenue, they have a ton of shoes and boots and even outfits and panties. I went with another pair of Stardust 701's by Pleaser but clear ones this time. Since I like that style so much. Here they are - pretty and brand new.

They even have a small stage with a pole at Red Shoes in case you feel you need to impress other shoppers with your amazing (or not so amazing) pole tricks. Don't be shy. Hop on up and start working that pole! My latest pole trick is called "the lazy stripper". Very simple, arch you back and put your butt against the pole and just stand like that and look pretty.
Anyone can do it!

And check out some of the new heights of heels......I call them stilts. Mine are 7" and that is probably as tall of a heel for work that I will have. Everybody asks me how tall I am when I'm at work, like I am some giant or something, when in fact I'm 5'9. So not crazy tall in reality.

These are not for sale, just an "ad" for Pleaser.

So you should check out Red Shoes when you are in Vegas. They have a vast collection of heels, not only for dancers.

And a last pic of my beautiful pink shoes when they were new. I took this pic in February 2012.


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Mumintrollet on :

How high heels have you tried?

Tatiana on :

One size up, eight inches....I felt like it was too much for me (sadly) because I do like the look of the eight inch platform.

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