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Funny stuff at work

Some nights, during her time at work, Tatiana is observing all the people in there. It is fun and interesting to watch how other girls try to make money at work Tatiana thinks. Sometimes really fun!
There was a girl there a while back that would offer free dances and then guys would feel bad for her and tip her afterwards. Or she would dance in exchange for drinks. Like, "hi I am too ugly to get a dance by just asking so I am resorting to this and please feed my alcohol habit too."
Now there is a girl that tells guys she is looking for a boyfriend or a husband, she probably thinks that if she seems available for "outside of the club activities" she will manage to make more money. Like "if you get a dance I might date you".
Then it's really funny and desperate looking, Tatiana thinks, when girls walk around with their tops off asking for dances, especially funny when they get a no! LOL! Seriously, "put yer top back on, you are looking sooooo desperate!"
Or the ones that talk a bunch of bs during the dance about "how horny they are", or "how hot they think the guy they are dancing for is" and bla bla bla. Come on! Purring in guys' ears? Too much effort! Moaning? Ich don't think so..........Licking somebodys neck? Gross.
Even better, whispering a bunch of stuff to a try to to get a dance and still get a no. If Tatiana would put in that much work to get a dance and still get a no she would kick the guy so she better just stay away from that.
If Tatiana has an honest compliment to give she will but it will be honest, not a bunch of empty misleading crap in hopes to make more cash.
How about the $ 10 dances, instead of $ 20? Seriously, if all a girl can do to make money is to offer half price dances maybe it's time to retire or loose 30 lbs or invest in a strong mouthwash.
Tatiana is willing to give FREE dances, yes, FREE, that's right, to personal friends or someone that would come in on a very regular basis or to someone buying ten dances, then you can get one or two for free. But just random $ 10 dances throughout the night? Once again.......ICH DON"T THINK SO.
Then there are the girls that don't take no for an answer and basically bully the guys into getting a dance. Super pathetic ok?! Guys, listen up. You do not have to agree to a dance just because some girl is latching on to you or pushing her boobs in your face. Just say no politely, or even better say that you are waiting for Tatiana!
How does Tatiana ask for dances? Something like "YOU NEED!?" or "hi, would you like a dance?" and a smile if she feels like it. Tatiana is way too proud to force people to get a dance or beg for a dance. Not only too proud, too pretty also. Maybe there will come a day when Tatiana has to resort to other ways to make money at work, but hopefully this day will never come. Hopefully Tatiana is not dancing anymore by then. Please no!
You either want a dance or not, it's simple, Tatiana doesn't feel like she has to convince anyone.
Tatiana would rather go home with less money made in a night than more money made in a way that collides with her integrity.
People are in there to have fun, not to get conned into spending money or feel bad for some drink needing dancer.
That's all on that for now.
Oh and a recent pic so you all can see that Tatiana really is too pretty to ever beg for dances. LOL.
: )


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Ulliss on :

Oh yes. You are way to pretty for that!!!!

Mr.B on :

I miss. I NEED. I will bring money. gorgeous

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