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Rabbits And Ducks

Chhaya had a real field day today at Sunset park, a long interesting walk full of sightings of rabbits and ducks. Chhaya is crazy about small furry things like rabbits and squirrels, so she was extra excited and her ears stood straight up almost the whole time.

Sunset park is great, I love going there. And so does Chhaya.

Rabbit patrol.

Sunset park also has a large feathered population, ducks in all kinds of sizes hang out there. Chhaya is curios about the ducks too but the rabbits she just loves. And no, I don't let her off leash so she can chase them.
I went to the Fashion Show mall afterwards to check out some hoodies that I knew were on sale but decided against getting one. Looked cute on but made of kind of shitty quality and I'd rater spend my money on a better hoodie. I actually have a new one from Victoria's Secret that I love but I haven't got around to showing it to you yet. There is also a sale at Diesel (and I love Diesel), I spotted a cute pair of jeans I might need and I saw a few items at Urban Outfitters that just screamed Burning Man. So much shopping so little time! I do have a few new things and I will show them soon.


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Annette on :

:-) love those ears!!!!

Tatiana on :

Those are her hunting ears!

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