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I went to the Summerlin mall this afternoon. Yes, there is a mall in Summerlin now! It's been there since October I guess, on Sahara and the 215. Anyhow, as always I bring Chhaya. Chhaya comes with me most of the time when I do errands unless I see it not fitting for some reason (rarely). I went in to Nordstrom Rack to look at a pair of shoes, I estimate that I was gone for about 15 minutes, no longer than 20. During that time somebody left this note on my windshield, "Don't leave your dog in the car, idiot". I'm the idiot apparently.

I know this person was only try to be helpful and was maybe concerned that Chhaya had been locked up in the car for hours. They did not know. But the weather permitted the car to be parked outside, the sun was behind the clouds and the window was cracked and Chhaya had water left out in a bowl in case she would be thirsty. I went to Victoria's Secret earlier for perhaps 30 minutes and then I thought it was too sunny so I made sure to park in the parking garage where it was completely shaded. I do everything with Chhaya in mind. If somebody invites me over I ask if I can bring Chhaya. Unless they have pets because Chhaya does not play well with others. I know Chhaya likes it best when she can come with me, even on (boring) errands. Today with everything that I did in between leaving the house and coming back I was away from the house for about four hours. Chhaya can come with me or be alone at home. I know she would rather come with me because included in that four hours was two visits to two different parks so Chhaya could walk, that took at least one hour. Chhaya gets sad when I leave her at home. I do have to leave her at home when I go to work but besides that I try to involve Chhaya as much as possible. She likes driving around with me because I point out certain things to her and that keeps her interested, seems like way more fun than doing nothing besides sleeping if I leave her at home by herself, right? I would never leave her in a hot car, I am very aware of that. And in Alaska if it's cold and I'm doing errands, Chhaya wears a wool sweater and has enough blankets AND a pillow. OR I leave the car running with the heat on for her.
I looked up the law regarding unattended pets in cars here in Vegas, according to it says, "It is illegal to leave a dog or cat unattended in a vehicle during periods of extreme heat or cold." It's mid January, it was about 60 -65 degrees out today and the sun was behind the clouds, so Chhaya was fine and NOT panting when I returned to the car.
Thank You stranger that left the note on the car for me. But today was NOT an extreme heat OR extreme cold day, in Las Vegas in January you will see people dressed in thick winter jackets during the day in 60 degrees weather cause they are cold.
I have seen pets left in cars that were hot before, like HOT outside. The people that know me, know that Chhaya is my baby and that her well being goes before mine. Well, at least the note gave for a blog entry if anything. :-)
Since I am in Vegas now, I have access to my (old) photo albums and here are two of some of my fave pics of me and Chhaya. And I have many.
In Solvang, Caifornia where Chhaya celebrated her one year birthday.

Me and Chhaya at Lake Mead in Las Vegas.

Tonight's big plans? Play with Chhaya and go for another walk. I know people that never walk their dogs or take them anywhere.....those dogs I feel sorry for. I mean, I could go on and on about neglected and mistreated pets.....but I will leave it at that.


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Annette on :

Have you moved to Vegas? I try to take Jax with me places too. Yesterday he went with me to the car wash, which took 1 1/2 hrs .....there is a loooong wait on days that are warm enough. He was happy to go back and forth from the windows look out and sniffing the air. I have always been worried that someone might report me when I run in a store for a short time. I am glad someone else talks to their dog like me ;-)

Tatiana on :

No I have not moved to Vegas. I'm just here for a bit more.
I personally think a dog should be able to come with in the car when you do errands even if you have to go in to a store/bank/get groceries etc as long as it's either not freezing OR over heating. And that is easy to judge.
What is the difference between leaving the dog at home unattended or in the car unattended? Chhaya rolls up and goes to sleep both places and when she comes on errands with me we actually spend more time together. And she becomes part of my day instead of waiting for me at home.
I would bring her everywhere if allowed so therefore I try to do as mush stuff together because I know she doesn't like it when she is home alone.
A dog and a child is different. Chhaya is calm. Some children climb all over the place, vomit and choke on themselves, have temper tantrums etc so I get it that you can't leave kids at home or in the car unattended. You never know what you might return to.

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