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I picked up my sheriffs card the other day. The last time I was in Vegas I had to go and apply for a new one since my old one had expired. Then they give you a temporary card so you can work while they check that you are not a felon or something like that. I'm not sure about all the details regarding that. Basically it takes a while for the permanent card to get issued.
And I did not pick it up last time I was here but now I did, this new card is valid until March 2018. Let's see if I'm still dancing then, only time will tell. I go to the location on 5880 Cameron Street to get my card. It's been a rather fast ordeal. I recall when I got my first sheriffs card, me and Shelley were at some downtown location. It was awful, hot, full of people, screaming kids and it took forever. Like a welfare office. Here are some fees for services in case you are curious.

And I just read this....."Applicants with long or curved fingernails may be required to trim their nails prior to being fingerprinted, in order to prevent damage to our equipment. "
CURVED fingernails? BARF! I recall seeing some women with really long toenails a few times, like grown long with the intention that they look like fingernails or something. I was like.....WHAAAAAT? Ugh.....imagine getting scratched (injured) by those while you cuddle in bed. NOT SEKSI.
And this is what the card looks like. Minus the stickers and tape of course.

I love that the girl in the ad for Spearmint Rhino is a natural brunette. I think the trend is going towards natural. Or the natural look. The days of the enormous implants are passe. Sure you will still see them, this is Vegas after all. But not like back in the day when 8 out of 10 girls at Crazy Horse Too when I started there had implants and bleached blonde hair and blonde extensions.
To each their own. I prefer the natural look. I think what's trendy now is kind of edgy with tattoos (not my style either), some crazy hairdo but it makes stuff interesting when there is diversity and not every girl has the implants and the wanna be Pamela Anderson look, that not many could pull off anyways. There is only one Pam and I always liked her. But if you do opt for implants, make sure they at least appear soft and natural. The bolt on look is definitely not trendy or cute. Get a refund! I have admired some large and soft fake boobies, my friend Shelley has huge boobs (I call them "the torpedoes") but they are soft and look real. I like them. I hope the fake butt trend goes away too. How could that even be something anybody would want? Ass implants or injections. WTF. How do you sit comfortably?
Maybe you do, it just seems so inconvenient to lug around with some extra stuffing attached to your backside. I don't get it but like I said, to each their own. To me, there is nothing like natural. Can't be bought.


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Annette on :

:-) hahahahaha......yes I get your humor. I love how you write about the things you do. I need my daily dose of Tatiana!

Mumintrollet on :

She looks good. Same size breasts as you?

I dont like the tattoo.But it looks like it's digitally added.

Tatiana on :

You are right about the tattoo probably being added because it has the Rhino logo, I don't think any sane person would willingly tattoo that on themselves. But I could be wrong.....
Same boob size? Don't know, looks about right.

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