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Desert Walk

Perfect day for a desert walk at Red Rock today, not too hot.....overcast and the sand still a bit wet from the rain yesterday and extra red. Gorgeous. Me and Chhaya trekked along the trail for about two hours. I wouldn't call it a hike because I have been on some hikes, me and Chhaya scaled Mount Charleston after all, now THAT was a hike. Today was more of a steady walk up and down the trail. Chhaya exploring and enjoying herself, I did not get sweaty but she was tired when we got home. I didn't stay for the sunset but I have to be at Red Rock for a sunset one of these days, I saw the pink color spread across the sky when I was driving home. Magnificent. It's really nice here in Southern Nevada right now.

The best little walking/hiking partner in the world. The love of my life. My Chhaya. ❤


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Annette on :

Oh Tatiana.......I love the desert! I love all the colors and sunsets. That is a great pic of Chhaya in the rocks :-) It is so cold here :-( I come home from work everyday and soak in epsom salt, peppermint oil and eat dark chocolate in candle light. With my Jax laying by the tub. Enjoy that wonderful place.

Tatiana on :

Mmmmm......dark chocolate and candle lights.
I think I need one of those evenings as well!
Oh.....I'm enjoying!

Paul on :

We hiked at Red Rock many times, beautiful and easily accessible.

Ps: I assume emails still went to your trash folder, pls check.

Jeff on :

I don't know what's more beautiful, you, Chhaya, or the scenery!

Tatiana on :

I'd say the scenery and Chhaya!

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