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I have been occupied with eating and snacking a's what people do on Christmas.
I even thought about finding a gym to see if I can get a guest pass for a day or two so I can burn off some calories, sweat and feel that good gym post work out feeling. I have also been sightseeing and driving around here in the eastern part of Washington state where I currently am. There is no snow, it's chilly and a bit muggy but the sun peeked out a few times. I miss Kaladi, there are coffee shops and I am getting my daily latte but it's not Kaladi. I've seen pretty lakes and beautiful forest. The trees are nice here, large and healthy looking.
Chhaya likes it. And that is very important.

Chhaya loves donkeys. The donkeys and Chhaya had a moment, they met nose to muzzle. Cute!

Hay bale snowman.

Tonight I saw the movie Wild based on a true story and a book with the same name, author Cheryl Strayed. I read the book two or three times and I love it, so much so that I gave it to....hmmmmm I have to count in my head....I gave it to at least seven people. Because I wanted my friends to read it and enjoy it too.


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Annette on :

It's been awhile but I think Levenworth had cute places to visit and coffee. I also ate at a place called The Squirrel Tree :-) " Happy Birthday"

Tatiana on :

Thank You for the birthday got the day right!

Annette on :

;-)..... I looked it up in your archives

Tatiana on :

Happy New Year to you Annette and Jasper Jax! Hugs!

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