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God Jul

God Jul is what we say in Sweden when we wish each other Merry Christmas.
I am sitting here somewhere in Washington, in a very small town and thinking about Christmases that passed. Since Christmas only happens once a year you kind of want to make it special, same with New Years Eve. If I had been in Sweden now I would had celebrated Christmas like many others do there. On the 24th with some risgrynsgröt for a combined breakfast/lunch then some traditional Swedish and Polish food at my Moms, my Mom is a good cook. Or we would had skipped the cooking and went out to eat traditional Julbord somewhere. Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar God Jul used to come on at 3 PM when I was growing up and that was a must for me, I had to see that, no Christmas without the cartoons. It's kind of a holiday tradition to gather in front of the TV and watch that and after Kalle we would open the gifts waiting under the tree. As soon as I was big enough I would decorate the tree and our home with Christmas stuff. Reminiscing of that made me very home sick all of a sudden.
I also have a sad Christmas memory that I think about every year around this time and sometimes throughout the year too. I was maybe nine years old, it was Christmas time, I remember we had a tree with many lights in the living room. I lived in a house, the living room had large windows and there was a lot of snow outside. The news spread that some children were missing, they had went for a walk and didn't return home. If I looked out the window I could see the large forest across the field and the highway outside my house.
The two children were somewhere in that forest, lost. I stared out the window and wondered if they were OK, hoping they would make it home. They arranges for search parties, then adults started talking in hushed tones. The two children were found, curled up somewhere in the snow frozen to death. I will never forget this. I felt sad, so sad for the children and their family. This still makes me teary eyed.
I hope you are safe and warm this Christmas/Holiday season.
God Jul from one of my favorites as a child and still until today.....Pippi Långstrump with her friends Tommy and Annika.


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Mumintrollet on :

You have to write that "kalle anka" is the Swedish name of Donald Duck.

Tatiana on :

Yes I do, Kalle Anka och hans vänner önskar God Jul means Donald Duck and his friends are wishing (you) a Merry Christmas.
So Kalle Anka is Donald Duck.

Jeff on :

That is such a sad story about those two children! Anyway, I hope you had a God Jul!

Tatiana on :

God Jul back to you Jeff!

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